Our name and look has changed, but we still formulate therapeutic bath and body care products. The Hemp-tastic formulas you know and love are still the same and we have add many more. We invite you to take a look at our updated product line at The Good Rub! All purchases must be made through that website.

Since you have been with us since the beginning, we want to give you a gift!

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Here are a few of the product you may recognize.

We carried over these formulas to our new line.

If you are used to buying this product ---->
This is the exact same formula ---->
WMU2oz flat 1500x1500.jpg
If you are used to buying this product ---->
This is the exact same formula ---->
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These are some of the GOODs you will find at The Good Rub!
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Isn't cannabis wonderful? We think so. Cannabis is where Therapy in a Bottle started. It is the foundation of our original cannabis line and will always be one of the most therapeutic and amazing materials we have ever worked with. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to carry on making whole plant cannabis infused products at this time. There may be a time in the future that cannabis will make it back into our space, just not yet.


Desperation is where it all started. A woman on 15 pharmaceuticals for fibromyalgia replaced them with herbs, practices and healing modalities. During the recovery process, knowledge was sought, experiences had, and herbal formulas created. Then you came along and helped push forward a dream of helping others find pain management tools. There is no way we could have become a WE without YOU. We are ever so grateful for every single person who gave, spent money and time, liked and shared and gifted to loved ones. There are so many wonderful things to come and we would love for you to continue on this journey with us!


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